Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Are you searching for the best aeration, seeding, and fertilization service company to help make your lawn look great? 

Our landscaping team provides aeration, seeding, and fertilization for homes in Wake Forest, Rolesville, and Youngsville. 


Why invest in an aeration, seeding and fertilization service?


In order for your lawn to be as healthy and lush as possible, you’ve got to have healthy soil. And the best way to ensure your soil is healthy is to have your lawn fertilized. Our lawn fertilization service uses natural chemicals and vitamins to give your soil the boost it needs so your grass stays green and thick. The fertilizer dissipates straight into your soil, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing once it’s applied.


We will set up a schedule that’s designed specifically around your lawn and grass type to make sure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs on just the right timeline. If you’re wanting that thick, lush, green yard you’ve been dreaming of, our lawn fertilization service is the way to go.




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Dogwood Lawn Care

Serving Wake Forest, Rolesville and Youngsville residential communities.

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