Lawn Weed Control Service

Are you searching for the best weed control service company to help control the weeds that pop up in your lawn?

Our lawn team provides weed control services for homes in Wake Forest, Rolesville, and Youngsville. 


Why invest in a weed control service?


There’s nothing that can ruin the beauty of a lush lawn like unsightly lawn weeds. Unlike weeds in your flower beds, lawn weeds are much more difficult to pinpoint and destroy. No matter how hard you try, sometimes weeds still pop up. But our lawn weed control service will put an end to them.


Using a special formula, we target weeds across your lawn, stopping them before they start, and destroying those that have already sprouted up. Getting rid of weeds is no problem for our team, and with regular weed control, we can help ensure that once they’re gone, you’ll never see them again. You’ll be left with a perfectly even, lush lawn, with not a weed in sight.




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Dogwood Lawn Care

Serving Wake Forest, Rolesville and Youngsville residential communities.

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